NEW - Special Education and Your Child with an IEP During the COVID-19 Pandemic:  A Brief Guide for Parents As parents throughout Maryland begin the process of negotiating “continuity of learning” plans for their children with disabilities, Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) offers the following information and suggestions to assist parents in the process. The document also includes a link to just released Technical Bulletin.   Click HERE for more details  >>>

JUNE 2019 - Maryland State Board of Education approves updated regulations for Gifted & Talented Education and the Gifted & Talented Student Group

Among the new requirements for Gifted & Talented Education in Maryland include:

  • Each local school system shall establish an equitable process for identifying gifted and talented students

  • A universal screening process shall be used to identify at least 10 percent in each local school system

  • Each school system shall provide different services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program

Gifted and talented students are found in all Maryland schools and in all cultural, ethnic, and economic groups. The intent of this chapter is to provide local school systems with direction for identifying students and developing and implementing the gifted and talented education programs and services needed to develop these students’ full potential. These regulations establish the minimum standards for student identification, programs and services, professional learning, and reporting requirements.

The New Maryland Report Card

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