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The Maryland General Assembly session began Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 12:00 p.m

Join the Maryland Education Coalition (MEC) by congratulating the new Maryland General Assembly leadership teams led by Senate President Bill Ferguson & House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones. We wish each member a successful session, especially as it pertains to MEC's two priority issues - evidence-based policies with adequate, equitable funding and systematic accountability for Maryland Public School Construction & Maryland Public School academic programs, staff supports, student services and public school operations.

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MEC has seen a lot of progress, including the landmark Bridge to Excellence Act of 2002 (Thornton), that infused over 1.2 billion dollars into Maryland’s education system from 2002-2008, resulting in significant improvements in academic performance, substantial closing of achievement gaps between students of color and other race/ethnic groups and overall progress among all school districts.  Maryland was the top ranked public education system in the nation for several years, with  some of the highest rates of students enrolled in AP and IB courses.

Unfortunately, since the U.S. financial crisis in 2009, the state and most local governments cut public education funds. This resulted in large education funding cuts, decreases in academic performance, staffing, instructional resources and student services Also, our national ranking has gradually slipped impacting all school districts and students and it is more pronounced for lower income, special needs, limited English students and students of color.

The sentiment for robust funding continues to be popular among citizens but is unsure in Annapolis. So MEC, joined the Blueprint for Maryland's Future Coalition to monitor and address the work of the (Kirwan) Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, with the goal of ensuring that the 2020 General Assembly adequately and equitably funds public education for all students during the next decade, which includes evidence-based policies and accountability that requires meaningful stakeholder consultation in the decision-making process.

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