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MEC is always looking for new members to stand up for Maryland's students. In addition to being on the mailing list, MEC members help determine the direction and leadership of the coalition. General membership responsibilities may include attending the annual meeting, taking reasonable efforts to advance MEC priorities throughout the year, and attending meetings and briefings as appropriate.

***​Membership petitions are considered by the MEC Board at its monthly meetings. Membership is approved by a favorable vote from a simple majority of a quorum of the Board.

The MEC Credo and Commitment     

The Maryland Education Coalition (MEC) supports and advocates for high-quality public education that is adequately and equitably accessible to all public education students.

We work to promote successful education outcomes for all students, regardless of jurisdiction, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, English language learner status, or disability. We believe Maryland must fully fund public education programs to realize its constitutional guarantee that all children in the state have access to a "a thorough and efficient system of public education."

We support efforts to hold all publicly funded schools accountable for promoting high standards and improving student performance.


While financial resources alone will not guarantee that all students graduate career or college ready, any failure to provide the necessary state and local funding creates obstacles that prevent students from realizing these goals.


We strongly support requirements for local governments to maintain their part of the partnership with the state to fund the public schools.


Access to a high-quality education ensures each child the opportunity to succeed, thereby enhancing Maryland’s long-term prosperity.

As a member of MEC I/we agree to support the Credo, to attend the annual general membership meeting and other meetings and briefings throughout the year and to take reasonable efforts to advance Coalition priorities by participating in MEC sponsored activities.

To Petition MEC to become a member, please fill in and submit the form below >>>


The MEC Credo and Commitment to Participate

Practice Masking, Hand-washing
and Social Distancing.
MEC urges ALL members, partners, friends and
communities to remain Smart, Safe and Healthy.
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