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Student               Result (%)

Group                 (All Students)             Count

TOTAL                                                 887,176

ADA 504                      4.4                    38,789

Eco Disadv                 27.2                  241,578

FARMS                       43.7                  387,331

EL                              11.7                    10,399

Migrant                       0.0                           72

SWD                          12.0                  106,216

Title 1                        25.8                  228,926

Homeless                    1.5                     13,268

Foster Care                 0.2                       1,946

Military                       1.8                      16,207

Gifted Talented        14.9                    131,924

MSDE 2022 Students Receiving Special Service Data

(Student Groups by School) - HERE


Larger Race/Ethnicities


       Asian        African American      White        Hispanic         

     58,991              292,518           298,668       182,787

MSDE Staff and Student (Data) Publications - HERE

(samples below)



Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP)


The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that states administer annual statewide assessments to all students in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics in grades 3-8 and once in high school, as well as in science once in each grade span (3-5, 6-8 and high school), and annual English language proficiency assessments in grades K-12 for all English learners.


In addition to these federally mandated assessments, Maryland State law (Md. Ed. Art §7-203) requires a social studies assessment once in the middle school grade band (which will be administered in Grade 8) and the High School Assessment in American Government.


Maryland also provides Alternate Assessments written to the Alternate Standards for those students who require this accommodation.


Additionally, the majority of Maryland kindergarteners are administered the KRA to determine their readiness for kindergarten.

A Quick Guide to Understanding the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) - CLICK HERE

THE MARYLAND REPORT CARD: Maryland’s Accountability System

What it is and what it is not


What is an accountability system?

Maryland’s accountability system measures school and local education agency performance. It provides information to educators, parents, and the public about each school and paves the way for improvement. Through a strong accountability system, stakeholders gain an understanding of how schools are doing and where support is needed in order for those schools to perform better.

What does Maryland’s accountability system measure?

The Maryland accountability system includes multiple ways to describe student and school performance. The major components of the accountability system are called “indicators.”

The indicators are:

Academic Achievement, Academic Progress, Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency, and School Quality and Student Success at the Elementary and Middle School Levels; Academic Achievement, Graduation Rate, Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency, Readiness for Postsecondary Success, and School Quality and Student Success at the High School Level.

  • Information about schools throughout the State: Users can view the Report Card for any school and local education agency in the state. The Report Card website also has additional information and data about the performance of Maryland public schools.


How are schools measured?

The School Report Card shows data on individual measurements of school performance. It also combines the data into three “summary scores:”

  • TOTAL EARNED POINTS PERCENT: The total number of points earned by the school, divided by the total possible points.

  • STAR RATING: A concise way of showing a school’s total earned points percent.

  • PERCENTILE RANK: A comparison of how a school performed relative to other schools.

NOTE: The Report Card does not include individual student performance data 

- Parents, contact your students school for their Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) scores

How is that information reported?

Each school’s results on the Maryland accountability system are compiled and reported on the Maryland Report Card website. The individual School Report Cards are designed so parents, educators, stakeholders, and others can easily understand how their schools are performing, just as traditional report cards help parents understand how their students are performing academically in their classes and in other important ways.

NOTE: Some indicators measure non-academic categories that can impact overall school or system performance or overall point totals

For the complete brief above including details on the indicators used to calculate the Report Card for each school at the Elementary, Middle and High School Level percentages used for each - CLICK HERE

2022 Statewide Report Card-Star Ratings & Points

( See Tabs HERE)

  • Rating/Points by School (Non-Combo Schools)

  • Ratings/Points by District, then Non-Combo School

  • Ratings/Points by District, Non-Combo School and Student Groups

  • Student Groups

  • Combo Schools - For their Report Card Results, CLICK HERE

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