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2018 Legislative Session 

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  • MSDE Aid to Education Budget - Under current law, public schools are expected to receive $6.5 billion in funding from the State in fiscal 2019, representing a $157 million (2.5%) increase over the prior fiscal year. The largest increases can be attributed to the Foundation program, funding for students with limited English proficiency, net taxable income grants, and supplemental grants that allow all LEAs to receive an increase in direct education aid. Reductions contingent on the BRFA of 2018 seek to reduce the fiscal 2019 appropriation by $19.3 million.




  • SB1060 - Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools - Discrimination - Prohibition - Prohibiting a nonpublic elementary or secondary school that receives State funds from refusing enrollment of, expelling, withholding privileges from, or otherwise discriminating against any student or prospective student because of certain factors; making certain provisions of law prohibiting discrimination in employment applicable to certain schools that receive State funds; requiring a nonpublic school that is found to have engaged in or be engaging in a certain discriminatory act to repay to the General Fund all State funds; etc.


  • SB 548 - Students with Reading Difficulties - Screenings and Interventions - Requiring certain county boards of education to ensure that a certain student is screened to identify if the student is at risk for reading difficulties beginning with the 2019-2020 school year; requiring a county board to use certain screening instruments for certain students; requiring a county board to monitor a certain student for progress for up to 8 weeks; requiring certain county boards to report annually certain information to the State Department of Education; etc.

  • HB 1488 – Public Schools – School Discipline - Training Practices Requiring the State Department of Education to develop and implement certain standardized training practices on student discipline for all public school security personnel; requiring the Department to study certain best practices and consult with certain organizations on certain matters on or before July 1, 2019; and requiring a local school system to provide certain training to certain school security personnel on or before July 1, 2020

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