MEC believes there must be meaningful public education stakeholder participation in the

decision-making process at the local, state and federal level as defined in federal law.

(See ESSA Implementation Considerations: Stakeholder Engagement HERE )

Ellie MItchell & Rick Tyler, Jr. - Co-Chairs

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Maryland Public Bodies that Oversee

Public Education Issues

The AIB is an independent unit of the Maryland State government created by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future law to ensure successful implementation of the Blueprint over the multi-year implementation period and achievement of the Blueprint’s intended outcomes.


  • Pillar 4 Advisory Committee Meeting - 11/29/2022 4:30 PM - Livestream

  • AIB Meeting - 12/1/2022 1:00 PM

  • AIB Meeting - 12/15/2022 1:30 PM


​​Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

The Maryland General Assembly included language in the Blueprint for Maryland's Future, Chapter 36 of 2021 (Kirwan education reform bill), to create a new Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports to help meet student behavioral health needs and other related challenges in a holistic, non-stigmatized manner.



  1 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

  5 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

  7 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

  8 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

13 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports

15 - Maryland Consortium on Coordinated Community Supports






  6 - Joint on Children, Youth, and Families

  7 - Board of Public Works

10 - Statutory deadline for members of the General Assembly to

       approve drafted bills for pre-file introduction

13 - Maryland Economic Development Commission

15 - Spending Affordability

20 - Report due from the Spending Affordability Committee

     - Board of Public Works


GAM INTERIM CALENDAR– September 2022 - January 2023

Briefing Joint with Spending Affordability Committee, with the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee and House Appropriations, & Ways Means Committees

Maryland Education Public Bodies

The Maryland State Board of Education (State Board) was organized in Maryland in 1864 and is the head of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). The State Board has general control and supervision over public schools and the educational policy and interests of the State     MORE AT;


Upcoming State Board Meetings

  • ​Tuesday - December 6, 2022






Interagency Commission on School Construction

The mission of the Interagency Commission on School Construction is to achieve a safe, healthy, and educationally sufficient learning environment for every child attending a public school in Maryland. Our vision is a fiscally sustainable statewide portfolio of K-12 school facilities that will remain educationally sufficient for current and future generations of students and teachers.

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Maryland Board of Public Works

"The Board of Public Works is the highest administrative body in the Maryland state government. Consisting of the governor, the comptroller, and the treasurer, it now derives its ultimate authority from the state Constitution and is responsible for the expenditure of all capital appropriations and the superintendence of nearly all state public works projects".  



Department of Legislative Services

The department supports the members of the Maryland General Assembly and its committees. This includes legal, fiscal, committee, research, reference, auditing, administrative, and technological support. 


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