The Maryland Education Coalition (MEC) represents

parents, civil rights, & special student population groups. For over 40 years, MEC has advocated for adequate, equitable policies and funding and systematic accountability for the estimated 900,000 students in Maryland’s public schools, regardless of their academic, cultural, economic, geographic, racial or other demographic status. This includes students of color, those identified as lower income, special needs, limited English, homeless,

foster care, Gifted & Talented or within the Juvenile Service systems.


We believe a public education is a constitutional right based on Article VIII of the Maryland Constitution, which requires all public school students have equitable access to quality education so each may graduate college- or career-ready. We also believe that education is a civil right supported by federal and state laws or regulations.


NEW - MEC 2022 General Assembly Session Brief


MEC, its twenty-five plus member organizations and individuals again had a successful 2022 session. Every bill or legislative initiative we advocated for did not pass, but several did. Others are in the FY 2023 budget. Thanks in part to a state budget surplus and federal stimulus funds not previously allocated, State Aid to Education had a net increase of $456 million to $7.209 billion. This would have been higher, but the state loss an estimated 25,000 students during the passed couple of years due to Covid-19 related issues.


Among our other accomplishments included protecting Blueprint funding including $125 million cut by the Governor for Baltimore City $99 million & Prince George’s $27 million, add $58 million in Transition Grant to supplement enrollment losses statewide; $90 million increase for Pre-K and a $73 million increase in funds for Concentrated Poverty programs. Funds for school construction nearly tripled from an estimated $425 million in FY 2022 to about $1.2 billion for 2023 statewide.


Several major policy issues also passed including funding, staffing, and funding for Child Care Programs, staff and resources and Juvenile Services staff and resources. A new law passed banning a wide range of discrimination in Pre-K to 12th grade public and non-public schools, improved policies, and funding for Support Professionals; new license policies for Audiologist, Speech Pathologist and Music Therapist; Student Privacy Policy Updates; Child Abuse and Neglect investigation and the eventual elimination of Physical Restraint & Seclusion.

FY 2023 State Aid-Operating & Capital Budget Highlights
(See 2022 Legislative Session Tab for more details)

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